Bombing of Sports and Recreational Facilities and Hotels



On 8 April 1999, at 4.10 a.m., Tornik peak on Mt. Zlatibor came under missile attack, hitting Sports and Recreational Center owned by the Health Institute „Čigota“ on Mt. Zlatibor. A missile hit the rehabilitation center for children, covering 2,000 sq.m, which has been totally destroyed, as well as the ski equipment rental unit and a medical unit within the Center. Three persons were killed: Radoje Marjanović (born 1965), Nedjo Urošević (born 1968), workers of Institute „Čigota“ and Milanko Savić (born 1974), forester, JP „Srbijašume“.


Hotel Bačište on Mt. Kopaonik

On 13 April 1999, at 0.40 a.m., four missiles struck hotel ”Bačiste“ owned by ”Geneks hotels“ from Belgrade, located in the Sun Valley in the area of the National Park on Mt. Kopaonik. In the ensuing fire, an entire hotel complex was burned down, covering 467 sq.m and five pavilions ”Bačija“ covering 275 sq.m. In this attack, Miodrag Maksimović from Biljanovac sustained minor bodily injuries. Shortly before the missiles struck, more than 100 cluster bombs were dropped in front of the hotel.

In the explosions, two buses and a freight vehicle parked on the hotel parking lot were burned. Hotel "Putnik" was also damaged in the missile attack on hotel "Bačiste“.