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siete nella sezione dedicata al X Anniversario della aggressione NATO / X godišnjica agresije NATO-a
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10. Jahrestag des NATO-Angriffes gegen BR Jugoslawien

24. 3. 1999 - 2009

10th Anniversary of NATO aggressione against the FR of Yugoslavia

Initiatives by Narodni Pokret Srbije und ICDSM:
Die Aggressoren werden nicht die Geschichte schreiben!


Call for a Demonstration on 24 March 2009 in Belgrade - and further activities
Aufruf zu der Demonstration am 24.09.2009 in Belgrad
Srpska verzija apela / en Francais
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*** PROGRAMM 23-25.03.2009. ***
Angaben über die Anreise- und Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten nach und in Belgrad
From ICDSM, December 2008
Daily excursion from Belgrade to Pozarevac, 25.3.2009.
Belgrade Hotels list

Für die Ankommenden wird ein Treffpunkt im Restaurant Park, Pariska 20, Nähe Kalemegdan, eingerichtet. Das Restaurant mit serbischer Küche ist von 9:00-24:00 geöffnet. Am 21. und 22.03 werden wir von 19:00 bis 21:00 und am 23.03 ab 9:00 bis 11:00 als Anlauf- und Informationsstelle für die Ankommenden anwesend sein.

Call for a Demonstration on 24 March 2009 in Belgrade - and further activities to remember NATO aggression, 10 years ago

Aufruf zu der Demonstration am 24.09.2009 zum 10.Jahrestag der NATO-Aggression gegen Jugoslawien in Belgrad

Srpska verzija apela:

en Francais

More info: http://www.free-slobo.de

*** PROGRAMM 23-25.03.2009. ***

Angaben über die Anreise- und Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten nach und in Belgrad:

Liste mit Hotels für jeden Geldbeutel auf unsere Internetseite www.free-slobo.de


Flüge nach Belgrad bei German Wings buchen:

Busse nach Belgrad:

Eines dieser Busunternehmen ist Touring Eurolines:

Wenn sich Gruppen bereit erklären einen Bus zu chartern, unterstützen wir sie bei der Werbung über diesen Newsletter und unsere homepage www.free-slobo.de. Außerdem werden wir unsere Anzeigen in der jungen Welt (Mittwoch und Samstag) für die Bewerbung der Busse gerne zur Verfügung stellen. Bitte diese Aktivitäten mit allen notwendigen Angaben (Kosten, Bankverbindung, Kontaktperson etc.) möglichst bald an die zentrale email-Adresse AK_Jugo@gmx.de melden.

(neu 6.2.2009) Ein oder mehrere Bussen werden bestimmt von Dresden, über Prag, Wien, Budapest, Subotica nach Belgrad organisiert: siehe Friedenskonvoi nach Belgrad


Mitfahrzentrale nach Belgrad
- Mail-Formular


From ICDSM, December 2008:

Dear friends,
leading personalities fo the ICDSM call for international support in Belgrade on the 10th anniversary of the NATO aggression in March 2009.
Ramsey Clark, Sergej Baburin, Klaus Hartmann, Velko Valkanov and Vladimir Krsljanin signed the attached appeal that asks all people from the Yugoslavia solidarity movement that grew widely over the last 15 years to participate in actions that will be organized by local patriotic forces such as the Peoples Movement of Serbia that was founded by Vladimir Krsljanin on March 24/25/26 in Belgrade.
With this letter, we would like to ask you to help mobilizing support for this event, not just by spreading the word as effectively as possible, but also by your own partecipation.
The concrete schedule for the events is not yet available. There will be a big demonstration on March 24 where there will be a possibility for all foreigners to appear jointly and effectfully on stage to show their solidarity with the peoples of Serbia and to demostrate their opposition to NATO's wars of aggression. The idea of the local organizers is to have a two-part demontration/ralley: speeches in the first half of the rally, and a "target"-style concert (reminding on the TARGET concerts that took place every night in downtown Belgrade during the aggression) in the evening hours.
Additionally, we plan to hold a big meeting on March 25 or 26 with all foreign guests in order to discuss political questions as well as to have the opportunity to come together and exchange. This meeting will probably take place in the town of Pozarevac close to Belgrade and will include a visit to the grave of President Slobodan Milosevic. Other activities are in planning.
We will provide you as soon as possible with further details such as possible accomodation.
We count on your support and look forward meeting many of you in March in Belgrade.
Warmest wishes,
Cathrin Schütz
Vladimir Krsljanin





We will welcome you on 3 evenings at Restaurant Park, Pariska 20, near Kalemegdan:
On 21st March and 22nd March we will be there at 19:00 to 21:00 hours, and on 23rd March from 20:00 to 21:00 hours.

23-24th of March 2009

10th Anniversary of the NATO-aggression against Yugoslavia- congress, demonstration and concert in downtown Belgrade

25th March 2009

A Day's excursion to Pozarevac:

* at 12:00 coaches leaving from Parking place in Pariska Ulica nera to the French Embassy and in front of Kalemegdan, directed to Pozarevac (trip lasts 90m)

* Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the grave of the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic

During NATO's aggression against his country – even as his home was bombed by NATO planes – the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was indicted by the NATO-initiated and financed Hague Tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia (ICTY). When it became evident that the NATO reports of genocide in Kosovo, with hundreds of thousands of deaths, were nothing more than war propaganda, the tribunal charged Milosevic, instead with crimes in Bosnia and Croatia. Western countries’ pressure and blackmail resulted in Milosevic's arrest and secret extradition by the newly formed, so-called democratic government of Serbia. Milosevic chose to make a political defense in front a political court. He revealed the primary responsibility of the USA and Germany for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, the unleashing and fueling of a bloody war, the arming of all non-Serb parties to that war and the creation of a tribunal under their control. The Western version of the Balkan war(s) is based on nothing but lies and it was Milosevic who exposed those lies one after the other. In March 2006, he died in prison – shortly after the chamber denied him special medical treatment. Throughout the trial, the prosecution was unable to prove any criminal conduct on his part.

* Solidarity rally for former RTS-director Dragoljub Milanovic, followed by an international delegation's visit with Milanovic in prison

During the NATO bombing campaign, the headquarters of Radio-Television Serbia, RTS, situated in downtown Belgrade was hit, killing 16 people, wounding 130. None of those responsible for the NATO air attack were prosecuted for this war crime. Instead the victims of this asymmetrical war were held responsible. Under pressure of NATO governments, the new Serbian puppet regime indicted and convicted Dragoljub Milanovic, director of RTS, at the time of the bombing , for not having ceased all broadcasts and sent home the crew.
A small international delegation (Ramsey Clark, Maitre Tiphaine Dickson, Peter Handke, Vladimir Krsljanin and myself) will be able to visit Dragoljub Milanovic in prison.

A get-together, political exchange – meeting in a Restaurant in Pozarevac

Welcoming Addresses by the initiators of the international solidarity campaign, Prof. Sergei Baburin, Ramsey Clark, Klaus Hartmann, Vladimir Krsljanin and Prof. Velko Valkanov. 

Contact: AK_Jugo@gmx.de

Note: On 23rd and 24th of March 2009 the International Round Table: COUNTER-OBLIVION: NATO AGGRESSION AGAINST SERBIA, TEN YEARS LATER will be hosted by BELGRADE FORUM FOR A WORLD OF EQUALS. It will take place throughout the day of March 23rd and in the morning of March 24th. The speakers will be invited foreign and Serbian personalities from the Movement of Solidarity with Yugoslavia. 
Location: Murska 14, Belgrade


Demonstrate Solidarity in Belgrade!

10 Years of NATO's War of Aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

March 24, 2009 is the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the NATO states' illegal aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
More than 80 % of NATO's bombardments were directed at civilian targets, residential areas, work places, clinics and schools. More then 50,000 rounds with depleted uranium are creating long-term contamination of the environment, with the bombing of chemical production facilities, both the population and the environment were contaminated, cluster bombs and mines are continuing to kill even today.
NATO violated its own founding charter, the Helsinki Final Act of the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations in launching this war of aggression. The sovereignty and territorial integrity guaranteed by the UN Charter was ignored and blatantly bombed away in the case of one of the United Nations' founding member states, one of the victorious powers in World War II.
In spite of all the pretexts used to justify the war, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, NATO used this war to proclaim its intention to carry out global militarily interventions. Ten years ago, war opponents warned that the aggression against Yugoslavia served as a precedent for obliterating international law. In the meantime, this warning has been confirmed through the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and the global "war on terror".
The plans for a "greater Middle East," the interference in Sudan, in Tibet and in the Caucasus, campaigns against Zimbabwe, Venezuela; Cuba, Somalia, Lebanon and particularly war threats directed at Iran, show that the imperialists seeking a "new world order" will implement their global economic and strategic interests with military means, thereby scorning the UN Charter with its renunciation of violence.
The NATO aggression in 1999 consummated the preceding years of war by proxy to destroy Yugoslavia.
A "Regime Change" was prepared to break the resistance to the dictates of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Pentagon and to place the marionettes of the western powers into office.
The dismemberment of Serbia, in violation of international law, was set in motion to deprive the resistance of its foundation – for a long time to come.
With the establishment of an ad hoc tribunal in The Hague – in violation of the UN Charter – the aggressors sit in judgement over the aggressed. An unprecedented brain-washing through mass media, is intended to permanently implant NATO's interpretation and its falsification of history in the popular mindset.
We are demonstrating March 24, 2009 in Belgrade, alongside the patriotic forces of the country, against this scandal.
We will not allow the aggressors to write the history!
The heads of state responsible for the aggression must be brought to trial as war criminals!
The illegal ad hoc tribunal in The Hague must be dismantled and all of its political prisoners freed and compensated!
We are demanding an independent investigation into the circumstances leading to the death of Slobodan Milosevic and all other mysterious cases of death in The Hague Tribunal's prison!
The secession of Kosovo from Serbia is from the very outset null and void!
NATO out of the Balkans!
Through our participation in the demonstration in Belgrade, we want to illustrate our solidarity with the people of Serbia, who, since 1991, have been – and continue to be – victims of a war waged by the West.

Professor Sergei Baburin,
Deputy Speaker of the 4th Russian Duma

Ramsey Clark,
Former US Attorney General, 2008 UN Human Rights Prize winner

Klaus Hartmann,
Vice-President of the World Union of Freethinkers and President of the German Union of Freethinkers

Vladimir Krsljanin,
President of the People's Movement of Serbia

Professor Velko Valkanov,
President of the Bulgarian National Council for Peace, Honorary President of the Bulgarian Anti-Fascist Alliance

For information about lodging in Belgrade and transportation possibilities, as well as details concerning the local planning please contact:

Coordinamento Nazionale per la Jugoslavia - onlus
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