And this current tendency to reduce human
existence to one equivalent evil,
where 'humanitarian' means 'bombing' and
resistance to terrorism is by
definition virtually the same as terror,
where it is considered natural for
ethnic groups to try to kill each other
and we are supposed to root for
whichever side the Imperial media has
portrayed as victims so that whatever
they do is justified as "revenge" against
whatever group has currently been
labeled "just like Hitler" - that, it
seems to me, is what your brother has
been fighting. That is why I'm supporting
him. Sorry for my long speech!

Yes yes! No, no it's very good speech!

[In Serbo-Croatian] The whole concept
that your government is trying to
impose on the world is very similar to
what they preached when there was a
bipolar world, creating a positive force
and its opponent, a negative force,
which today is called international
terrorism; and in that struggle
everything is allowed. And nobody may be
neutral in that fight.
So in the conditions of world supremacy
of one power, the tendency for having
new armaments of mass destruction, new
lethal arms is increasing and it leads
to development and strengthening of
terrorism. International terrorism cannot
be suppressed by the use of force alone,
especially, as you correctly pointed
out, when the supreme power is itself
organizing terrorism in various ways in
Kosovo, in Afghanistan, in Chechnya. So
international security can be created
only on the basis of universality, and
not on the basis of isolation and
destruction of several countries that
allegedly represent some axis of evil.
And you have correctly pointed out that
many organizations defined as
terrorist for instance and especially in
the Middle East, were created and
are still controlled by the American
secret services.
And the American policy has created great
harm in other ways. There is the
destruction of the environment and the
economy in Yugoslavia because of the
attack. And there is the increasing
danger of both nuclear accident and
nuclear war.

I think you made a very important point,
that the Empire wishes to create the
perception of a bipolar world, in which
they are one pole and the other is
This Empire's thinkers are aware that
every action has an equal and opposite
reaction. Because it's a law of politics,
isn't it? So opposition inevitably
develops. And because they are clever,
instead of only attacking the
opposition, the Empire tries to mold the
opposition. How can they lose if
they are fighting something they control?
Their own nightmare image, in effect.
By declaring this war on terrorism, they
are fighting forces which they
covertly control. Then they also defend
these terrorists, whom they actually
organized, by means of the 'human rights'
apparatus which they also control -
and this ends up luring some people into
sympathy and support for the
Such people may not be thinking clearly
or maybe they've just fallen into the
natural reaction that "the enemy of my
enemy is my friend" - it's a human
trait to think that way. So we see people
on what considers itself the Left
in the West making heroes out of the
Taliban and other terrorists. But these
terrorists are not fundamentally
opponents of this Empire. The Taliban,
for example, are victims of a guiding
principle of this Empire, which is, "We
have no friends, we only have future
victims." This Empire may attack those
whom it supported yesterday, as the need
arises. The Taliban were supported
by them (11) and then abruptly they
became a target because the US needed an
excuse, or more properly, the Empire
needed an excuse, because it is not the
same as the US, this Empire is above the
US government, the Empire needed an
excuse to move into Central Asia. This
was for geopolitical reasons. They
wanted to give Central Asian nations the
DOS (12) treatment, which is
penetration by Fifth Column
organizations, and we see this now going
on in Central Asia accompanied by military
penetration and the corruption of the
remnants of the Soviet officer corps
disguised as military aid and training.
The goal is to build a force in these
countries capable of striking Russia.
The Empire knows that Russia, in alliance
with China, is the primary real
threat to their control.
None of this is contradicted by Mr.
Putin's complete capitulation. As we saw
with Macedonia, capitulation does not
protect a country from attack by this
Empire. Indeed, the experience of the
Taliban shows that even being created
by this Empire won't help if they decide
to recycle you! (13)

So this move to complete the encirclement
of Russia is justified by the "war
against Terrorism." And so some people in
the peace movement, perhaps not
giving enough thought to what's going on,
but simply reacting to the
appearance, which is that the Empire is
attacking Islamic fundamentalist
terrorists - some people conclude that
the fundamentalists are an ally in
resisting NATO. Meanwhile, in fact, huge
numbers of Taliban are being
incorporated into the new Afghan army
(14) which is still a Fundamentalist
army, just more directly under Imperial
control and with an end to local
squabbling, or so they hope.
When Russia was the opposite pole, that
was a problem. Russia had positive
ideas and practices regarding social
equality. It was weak on democracy and
sometimes on international morality but
strong on social equality, and this
encouraged dangerous egalitarianism. But
with Islamic terrorists as the
opposite pole, when potential opponents
are drawn to the opposite pole, what
are they idolizing? The most backward and
fascistic forces - the very people
Saudi Arabia and US used to destroy the
secular state in Afghanistan.
So these jihad terrorists, the most
brutal killers, who condone violence
against women, whose definition of
democracy is enforcing the Quran, who
advocate religious war - these fanatics
become the heroes for kids who want
to change the world. What a nightmare.

It is a difficult situation.
Regarding this, let me say something
about the war on terror. We in
Yugoslavia consider September 11th a
tragic event.
Perhaps your readers are not aware of the
horrific destruction done to my
country [during the NATO attack on
Yugoslavia]. This was a war of terror. It
was launched to support terrorists in
Kosovo. And it was conducted by planes
dropping bombs, often encased in uranium,
from a great height, not by troops
on the ground. Terrible destruction,
massive killings, environmental
devastation. And all carried out from a
great height. Against a country which
hadn't invaded or threatened anyone. So
this too was terror. (15)
But we take no satisfaction regarding
Sept. 11. On the contrary, we
sympathize with those who have suffered
in the US.
It is understandable that people in your
country would have strong reactions
when those terrible events happened last
September. But now time has passed.
A more thoughtful approach may be taken.
A road of peace may be pursued. I
hope that people in your country will
think deeply about these questions. It
is very important to the world.

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.

OK, Israel. It was very very big pleasure
for me and I am very pleased to
contact to you like this and thank you
very much. Very big pleasure for me.

Well, thank your mother and father for
having produced two men who have
contributed so much to the world.

Don't overestimate things.

But it's the truth. Where would we be
without Serbia? You resisted. What can
I say? The Serbs seem to do it every


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4) In the classic text, 'Seeing
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secessionists in fact boycotted
Albanian-language institutions in Serbia
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racists, as they and the Western
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Ms. Johnstone's article is generally
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4a) Speaking of 'provocative images,' in
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