NOTA: benche' tra le varie sfaccettature della attuale "farsa di pace"
in Albania e Kosmet rientri a pieno titolo anche la scandalosa missione
Arcobaleno, abbiamo scelto di NON includerla nelle nostre analisi per
almeno tre motivi: 1. perche' ne stanno parlando abbondantemente tutti i
media, anche se quasi solo nell'ottica miope della bassa polemica di
politica interna 2. perche' ci sarebbe troppo da dire, ed il nostro
notiziario non puo' essere caricato troppo 3. perche' ogni stomaco ha i
suoi limiti.

*** La Russia minaccia di farla finita con la farsa del contingente
internazionale in Kosmet, che anziche' applicarla viola sistematicamente
la risoluzione ONU 1244 (AFP 9/2/00)
*** La missione civile UNMIK in Kosmet viene privata di fondi e lasciata
marcire (TFF 8/2/00)
*** L'Albania sta diventando una base permanente della NATO (Albanian
Daily News 4/2/00)
*** Note e rivelazioni sulla operazione "Angelo della Misericordia" di
appoggio all'irredentismo grandealbanese (Committee for National
Solidarity, Belgrado)


Moscow Threatens To Pull Peacekeepers Out Of Kosovo

MOSCOW, Feb 9, 2000 -- (Agence France Presse) Moscow
made a new threat to withdraw its troops from
peacekeeping duties in Kosovo Tuesday, and demanded
that NATO commanders and the UN administration in the
province take steps to protect ethnic minorities.

Moscow said it was particularly concerned about events
in the ethnically divided town of Kosovska Mitrovica
in the north of the province, where clashes last week
between Serbs and ethnic Albanians left at least eight
people dead and forced 550 people to flee their homes,
according to KFOR, the NATO-led peacekeeping force.

The head of Russia's security committee, Sergei
Ivanov, said in a statement to the military
information agency AVN that KFOR and the United
Nations Mission to Kosovo (UNMIK) had failed to put in
place the UN Security Council resolution guaranteeing
the safety of all inhabitants of the province.

"The change in the humanitarian situation in Kosovo
could force Russia to re-examine its participation in
the peacekeeping operation and the Atlantic alliance
would be responsible for the situation thereafter,"
Ivanov said, quoted by AVN.

The Russian foreign ministry called on Kosovo's
community leaders to demonstrate tolerance and called
on the international forces in the province to
"immediately ensure the safety of ethnic minorities,"
the news agency ITAR-TASS reported. ((c) 2000 Agence
France Presse)

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Subject: UN Broke in Kosovo, Not Even Nordic Governments

February 7, 2000

TFF P r e s s I n f o # 8 6

U N B R O K E I N K O S O V O ,


Lund, Sweden February 7, 2000

"Isn't it amazing that the new moralists who profess to protect human
rights, democracy and peace and who spent unlimited funds on warfare now
don't even bother to provide the UN with the minimum funds to bring
peace to
The UN urgently needs US$ 102 million. That equals what Sweden spent on
sending 860 soldiers to Kosovo.
Read what the United Nations Foundation "UN Wire" reported on February
2000 - about a year after the Rambouillet "peace" process began. It is
another proof of the inter-cynical community's mode of operation," says

- - - - - -

"UNMIK Out Of Money, Kouchner Says
The United Nations has no money to pay its civil servants in Kosovo, UN
administrator Bernard Kouchner said today. Speaking to reporters at the
Japan Press Club in Tokyo, Kouchner said the UN Mission in Kosovo
(UNMIK) is
"facing an emergency, period. We have to pay the civil servants." Some
workers, Kouchner added, have not been paid for months, and "there is
deutsche mark in the budget 2000 of Kosovo"...Kouchner said the UN needs
$102 million for its operation.
"It is the first time in the history of United Nations peacekeeping
operations that we have to deal with a budget, with the payment of the
servants and organise an administration," Kouchner said. "It is why it
is so
important to get not only promises, but cash. For the infrastructure
projects, we can wait a little bit longer but not for the payment of the
civil servants. We must pay them."
Last week, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright criticised the
international community for failing to live up to its financial
to Kosovo. "Unfortunately, a serious crisis of funding has arisen," she
said. The United States, Albright added, would contribute an additional
million and 100 police officers for the operation." And:

"US Criticises Europe For Lack Of Effort
The UN's greatest need in Kosovo, according to police Commissioner Sven
Frederiksen, is for special police trained in riot control and
protection of
UN buildings and officials (Jerome Rivet, Agence France-Presse, 3 Feb).
"If the countries that signed up ... want a success, they will have to
up with some people," he said. "We need international police and we need
them desperately."
Several US senators took issue with what they perceive as a lack of
support for UN operations in the Balkans. In an Armed Services Committee
hearing, committee Chair John Warner, a Virginia Republican, said, "the
United Nations and other international organizations charged with the
responsibility of rebuilding the civilian structures in Bosnia and
are simply not doing their job."
Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, added, "I am mystified why our
NATO allies have not provided more police for service in their own
backyard." The European Union, he added, has not provided any of the $35
million it promised for reconstruction efforts (Reuters/Central Europe
Online, 3 Feb). "On my scorecard, the European nations and the European
Union are flunking the test," he said.
NATO General Wesley Clark reiterated the need for support for police
in Kosovo. "We desperately, urgently need nations to provide additional
civil police to assist this important mission," he told the committee
(Sands/Pisik, Washington Times, 3 Feb)." Source

- - - - -

"Obscene as it is," says Jan Oberg, "there seems to be a tacit agreement
that post-war Serbia and Kosovo are off the public agenda. Here is a
selection of issues we are not supposed to have a well-informed public
debate about:

* that the international missions ignore or violate central provisions
of UN
Security Council resolution 1244 on the basis of which they are in
* that we can't help the Albanians imprisoned in Serbia because the West
officially will have nothing to do with authorities in Belgrade;
* that NATO leaders stand accused of war crimes at the Hague Tribunal
citizens of NATO countries hardly know about it;
* that according to international humanitarian organisations there are
between 900.000 and 1.000.000 refugees in Serbia/Montenegro - from
Bosnia and Kosovo, i.e. more than the Albanians who fled to Albania and
Macedonia and who were promised a safe return;
* that the largest ethnic cleansing in the Balkans has happened under
very eyes of 45.000 NATO troops, and thousands UN civilians and police,
and NGOs;
* that CIA and other dark organisations have obtained millions of
dollars to
overthrow the Belgrade government (e.g. Operation Matrix) - and were on
ground all the time;
* that the West maintains sanctions and isolation of Serbia and thus
victimises not only the refugees but the 9 million citizens in
Serbia and Montenegro;
* that media, with few exceptions, have stopped asking questions about
* that the EU brings oil only to cities run by opposition parties and
thereby violates the finest principle of humanitarianism:
that human suffering/needs should be the only criteria;
* that you never heard about financial "crisis" when NATO bombed and
45.000 heavily armed soldiers on the ground;
* that criminality, mafia operations, corruption and prostitution has
skyrocketed in Kosovo after the arrival of the international community;
* that there is a full war going on behind the scenes about who should
the scapegoat for this the most bogus policy in the post-Cold War era.

"Kosovo is now the Big Unmentionable. We know 'Realpolitik' is not about
ethics. But we are making a mockery of democracy if a handful of leaders
away with all this without being made accountable for the consequences
their deeds.

Is there ONE government in Europe that dares speak up against US
and refuses to be be taught lessons, as above, by American leaders who
caused 90% of the destruction? Is there ONE European government leader
enough civil courage to tell us that something went wrong - and remains

The big ones who ran the show won't. But non-NATO Sweden and Finland or
NATO-Norway and Denmark could: the good news is that independent
can have independent views; that's what international democracy is all
about. The bad news is that this is ignored.

The Nordic countries have traditions of open debate; they used to
the UN, stand firmly on principles of international law and prefer
to guns. They used to care about justice and aid to those most in need.
Imagine that Sweden had not contributed to the military congestion in
Kosovo: it could then have saved the whole UN mission now!

The silence about the docility and complicity of smaller governments in
Balkan tragedy is ominous - and their conscience won't be cleared by
their voices about WWII Holocaust or about Jörg Haider," ends Jan Oberg.

© TFF 2000

You are welcome to reprint, copy, archive, quote or re-post this item,
please retain the source.


Dr. Jan Oberg
Director, head of the TFF Conflict-Mitigation team
to the Balkans and Georgia


Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Vegagatan 25, S - 224 57 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46-46-145909 (0900-1100)
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Senior Parliamentarian Supports Permanent NATO Bases in Albania

TIRANA - A top Albanian parliamentarian said on Friday that parliament
should support the establishment of permanent NATO military bases in the
country as a factor for stability in the case of any imminent threat of
conflict in the area.
The chairman of the foreign parliamentary committee, Sabri Godo of the
opposition Republican party, said in an interview on Friday that the
still explosive situation in the region with Albania's northern
neighbour, the small Yugoslav republic of Montenegro, trying to break
away from Serbia, and the efforts of the regime of Yugoslav President
Slobodan Milosevic to undermine Podgorica's attempts towards more
Western reforms, made it necessary for the country to ask for support
from the Euro-Atlantic structures.
"For the time being the establishment of NATO military bases in Albania
poses not legal problem, as they are moves made within the framework of
the (NATO) partnership, but if the issue of establishing permanent bases
should be raised, it should be supported," said Godo.
"Albanian political forces should offer all the facilities to this end."
Godo confirmed reports that NATO will very shortly establish in Albania
a group of senior officers, that will be followed by another group to
help Albania's defence authorities repair and maintain the military
infra-structure in the north-west of the country.
The senior parliamentarian said that 12 NATO officers are planned to be
deployed in Albania at the beginning of February at a NATO base in
Durres, used by troops of the Communication Zone West, part of KFOR
troops in Kosovo.
"This (deployment) has been clearly confirmed, also by the US Under
Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Thomas Pickering, during his
visit at the KFOR contingent in Durres," said Godo, adding that NATO's
presence in Albania should be long term "as the danger hovering over the
Balkans, especially Albania, from the Milosevic regime is well known."

Copyright ©Albanian Daily News


The Committee for National Solidarity
Tolstojeva 34, 11000 Belgrade, YU

Dear Madam / Sir,

We are sending you the article "ANGEL OF MERCY" by Mrs. Simonida Dragas,
recognized expert on Kosovo and Metohia, in hope that it will be of use
you in achieving a better understanding of the situation in this

Author: Mrs. Simonida Dragas


"Angel of Mercy" is the name of war that had been waged by America and
in Kosovo, where violence continues even though war is officially over
bombs are no longer part of the "merciful" action for "liberation" of
Albanians. The title itself is an ironic paraphrasing of the title of
well -
known fresco from Mileseva monastery "The White Angel". But ironic
paraphrasing of things that are held sacred by one nation is also a
testimony to the barbarism of those who paraphrase it.

Americans, Germans and Albanians: It’s the old well - known story. It is
almost as well - known as the Albanian love for weapons: Today, just
like it
used to be the case in the past, there is hardly any Albanian house in
Kosovo that has no weapons in it. Arms are an integral part of thoughts,
hands, and characters of Albanian men. Thus the fact that in former
Yugoslavia many young Albanians had attended military schools and
should not come as a surprise. Young Albanians were enrolled and
like young men of other nationalities - according to their success on
application exams.

We had talked about this subject - Albanians and Yugoslav army - with
someone who is qualified to discuss the subject, being an Albanian and
officer himself. He maintains that there had been quite a lot of
in Yugoslav army, among others there are Generals Isa Kransnici, Fadilj
Curanoli, Edhem Racica who still live in Belgrade. Some of them are
still in
active military service.

When the break - up of Yugoslavia had begun, some Albanian officers took
active part in it. Our source claims that none of the high ranking
officers had left Yugoslav army. Only younger Albanian officers of lower
rank - such as captains and lieutenants - had deserted. Most of these
deserters had left the units of Yugoslav army that had been stationed in
Slovenia and Croatia. Some of these former officers played important
role in
settlement of Albanians in these areas before they had left the army.
example, colonel Beciri played important role in settlement of over 8000
Albanians in Sarajevo, where he had been stationed. He supported
of Albanians in other parts of Bosnia as well. Colonel Beciri had been
President of Albanian Association in Bosnia. He had received money from
compatriots whom he had helped to settle in Bosnia. Part of that money
for illegal purchase of arms that were destined for Kosovo Albanians.

As soon as the break-up of former Yugoslavia had begun, young Albanian
officers deserting from Yugoslav army signed contracts with the newly
armed forces of Slovenia and Croatia. Their monthly wages ranged from
to 15000 German Marks. Soon they became the hard core of Slovenian and
Croatian armies.

Beside participation in armed conflicts in Slovenia and Croatia, many
Albanian officers who had received the training and military education
highest standard in Yugoslav army prior to their desertion, started
for Albania as early as 1991. There they began training their
from Kosovo and Albania. CIA and BND were well acquainted with their
training camps in Tirana and Kux. Acting on orders of their sponsors,
Albanian officers who had at one point taken the solemn oath of
to defend Yugoslavia now lead the units made up of terrorists against
same country. This breach of oath had begun as early as early as 1991
lasted until the very end of operation "Angel of Mercy". The fact that
of terrorists had been continuously crossing Yugoslav - Albanian border
no big secret. Sometimes during "Angel of Mercy" operations the groups
numbered as many as 10000 or even 15000 terrorists armed with German
and trained by former officers of Yugoslav army. NATO’s aircraft and
artillery had been providing support for these terrorist groups.
often tried to penetrate Yugoslav territory from Macedonia, going across
Sara mountain.

Our source maintains that UCK / KLA had been formed primarily thanks to
efforts of Albanian officers who had received training in Yugoslav army,
prior to their desertion. UCK / KLA commander Agim Ceku was the most
ruthless and fierce among those officers. He used to be stationed in
Yugoslav army’s garrison in town of Gospic in Croatia. He and another
officer of Yugoslav army, major Oreskovic, had planned and carried out
brutal murdering of 120 Serbs in Gospic late in 1991.

Our source maintains that Albanian officers who had deserted Yugoslav
and took part in actions against Serbs were mainly motivated by money
had been receiving from their employers. They were also lead by the old
delusion Albanians so often impose upon themselves, that Serbs are bent
destroying them; thus, Albanians should try to destroy Serbs in turn.
According to our source, members of UCK / KLA often show inclination to
criminal activities, such as pillaging, looting and random violence
civilians, even fellow Albanians. He maintains that former allies - NATO
UCK / KLA - may become enemies in the future. UCK / KLA had been only
nominally disbanded. However, it exercises effective control in Kosovo
shows more and more resentment against KFOR, which may gradually lead to
open conflicts as former members of UCK / KLA continue to pursue their
inclination towards criminal activities described above.

UCK / KLA had been in fact set up in order so the Americans, Germans or
British would not have to die in the Balkans, maintains our source.
Albanians believe that their "task" in Kosovo is finished, and since
had also gained strength, they are no longer ready to be obedient pawns
the "foreigners". Thus the increased tensions between Albanians and
of NATO forces in Kosovo.

Our source believes that most of the young Albanian officers who had
received military education in Yugoslav military schools, have deserted
Yugoslav army and fought with UCK / KLA are no longer among the living.
had perished in conflicts with Yugoslav army and Serbian police since
CIA and BND mentors kept pushing them into the foremost front lines.
was part of their "allies’" strategy: Use and then dispose of cannon
Albanians who had been living in Yugoslavia always had a better life
their compatriots in Albania. Over the past several years, the "great
allies" of Albanians and UCK / KLA had maintained a state of chronic
in Albania and Albanians born in Yugoslavia are slowly getting tired of
their foreign mentors. Our source maintains that none of the members of
/ KLA, not even Hasim Taci, who had received his training from fellow
criminals in German underworld, would be willing to risk their lives in
realization of new projects of American and German geostrategists. These
projects include plans for subjugating Russia and cutting its population
down to between 30 and 40 millions of Russians by year 2010.

Albanians have far more pressing goals. These include occupation of
parts of
southern Serbia and creation of Great Albania in cooperation with their
compatriots from Macedonia. Center of this Great Albania would be
UCK / KLA does not want to have Albanians from Albania run such a state.
cannot help wondering whether CIA and BND will continue supporting and
financing these plans of UCK / KLA...

Secretary General
Mrs. Jela Jovanovic
Art historian

e-mail: crj@... - URL: