Subject: [yugoslaviainfo] Press Release: Announcing The Pavelic
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 17:41:22 -0500 (CDT)
From: Predrag Tosic
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[ Ante Pavelic was the leader of infamous and genocidal Nazi
creation, "Independent State of Croatia" (NDH in Serbo-Croatian),
where hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Roma/Gypsies and Jews vanished
solely due to the 'guilt' of their ethnic origin and/or religious
Today's legitimacy of Republic of Croatia as a nation-state of
Croatian people in its current borders, as well as (but perhaps to a
slightly lesser extent) that of Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina with
its today's combined Muslim-and-Croat majority, are largely due to
the radically change demographic picture of the region during the
Pavelic and Ustase reign 1941-45, achieved via massive extermination
and ethnic cleansing of Eastern Orthodox Serbs, who were a majority
in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as 30%+ strong minority in today's
Croatia (and overwhelming majority in Krajina and much of Slavonija,
historical provinces in today's Republic of Croatia. (For the record,
the entire today's Bosnia-Herzegovina was also a part of Pavelic's
Nazi state "NDH".) -- PT ]



Announcing - A New Website Exposing the Ustase
Movement -

CHICAGO -- More than fifty years ago, Ante Pavelic, head of a Nazi
puppet state called the Independent State of Croatia, arrived in
Buenos Aires, Argentina. While the rest of Hitler's Nazi henchmen were
being tried for crimes against humanity in Nuremberg, Pavelic and his
cohorts in the fascist Ustase movement -- responsible for the murder
of more than 30,000 Jews, 40,000 Gypsies and an estimated 500,000
Serbs -- escaped abroad and began planning for a new reign of terror.

Today, owing to the efforts of a new generation of Nazi hunters, the
documents which tell the real story of the Ustase's miraculous
survival are finally being published on the Internet.

A new Internet website,, has been launched to
publish and analyze a tremendous collection of declassified
intelligence documents, court decisions and other materials which
implicate the United States government as well as the Vatican in the
continued existence this deadly terrorist organization. Files from the
archives of the CIA, the FBI and the US Army are augmented with
original background material, making the most
thorough resource on the Ustase ever created and likely to be of equal
use to scholars of the Balkans or the Holocaust as well as students
and readers who have never heard of the Ustase before.

"Without Vatican and intelligence agency intervention, there's no
question: the Ustase would have ceased to exist," says Attorney
Jonathan Levy. Levy has been instrumental in fighting bureaucratic red
tape to find out the truth about the Ustase's survival, through
multiple Freedom of Information Act requests and lawsuits against the
Army, the CIA and the Vatican Bank, which is alleged to be responsible
for the laundering of millions of dollars worth of gold looted from
Ustase victims.

The Ustase was formed by Ante Pavelic in the early 1930s in Vienna,
Austria. After Hitler's invasion of Yugoslavia in April, 1941, Pavelic
and his Ustase were placed at the head of a Nazi satellite called the
Independent State of Croatia. Within weeks, a massive bloodletting
began as Ustase fanatics descended on Serbian villages, slaughtering
the inhabitants by the most bestial means imaginable -- using knives,
clubs, axes and even chainsaws.
Concentration camps for Jews, Serbs and Gypsies run by the Ustase,
such as Jasenovac, were exceedingly brutal, shocking even hardened
German officers.

After his arrival in Argentina, Pavelic was able to rebuild the Ustase
-- now enrolled as part of an American anti-Communist crusade -- with
cells in countries as far-flung as Australia and West Germany. All
told, the Ustase have been responsible for more than a hundred
terrorist attacks since 1945, including the bombing one airliner and
hijacking two others, the murder and extortion of dozens of
Croatian-Americans and the bombing of dozens of public buildings and
monuments, including the Statue of Liberty. was created by Cali Ruchala, a 27 year old
publisher, as a robust clearinghouse for documentation on the Ustase.
"I was appalled by the lack of information that's out there, even in
studies of the Holocaust," he says. "This is a terrorist movement that
has lasted for more than seventy years -- longer than the PLO, Hamas,
and al-Qaeda combined." [We completely disagree about including PLO
among "terrorist movements". CNJ]

Governments and individuals have tried to keep these documents
suppressed for years, Ruchala says, and for good reason. "Their
involvement with the Ustase is a textbook case of what the
intelligence community calls 'blowback': a gang of thugs that American
intelligence recruited to fight the Soviets, but who went on to kill
other Americans instead." is being published without institutional support for
the time being. "My primary goal is simply to get the information out
there," Ruchala says. "We should not subject the victims of the Ustase
to the indignity of being forgotten as well."


TITLE: The Pavelic Papers

SUBJECT: A clearinghouse for documents about the fascist Ustase
Movement, from 1930 to 1990