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1) Bruxelles, 24/11: Belgian première of documentary film MILESTONES   
2) Verona 3/12: presentazione di TESORI D'ARTE DELLA SERBIA MEDIEVALE

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Due iniziative di storia dell'arte jugoslava

=== 1 ===
[On our site, about the documentary film MILESTONES see also:
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Da: Gregorio Carboni Maestri <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Oggetto: Belgian première of documentary film Milestones
Data: 20 novembre 2022 19:10:38 CET
I'm happy to invite you to the Belgian première of an extraordinary documentary film - Milestones - in Brussels, on the 24th of November!

Milestones is a documentary film about memorial monuments built in former Yugoslavia after World War II. It was the time when art and culture were key vehicles for the construction of the new social identity and an antifascist educational tool for the community. Decades after the dismay of the last socialist traces in the territory of former Yugoslavia, amazing memorial monuments persist to prove that art can survive ideologies and political systems, always finding new paths to the audience. The monuments were rediscovered and brought to the public eye by Belgian photographer Jan Kamepnaers and English photographer Andy Day. The recognition didn't end there - the exhibition of the monuments took place in MOMA Museum in New York in 2018.
What is the connection between art and identity? Are those unique boulders - monuments from the past or forms from the future? How do you revisit cultural heritage and address its legacy? Can art survive the death of ideologies? And many more questions will be opened up through this fantastic documentary and we will have the opportunity to discuss them with the authoring team! 
The screening will be followed up by a discussion between :
Jelena Radenovic - film director
Jan Kempenaers, Ph. D. in Photography and Film (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent)
and myself, Gregorio Carboni Maestri, Ph. D., Maître de conférences invité (UcLouvain), Maître assistant en projet d'architecture (ULB), scientific director at Magnitudo Film


Year of production: 2019
Run time: 62 minutes
Languages: Serbian, English
Subtitle: English

Practical details:
Date: Thursday, 24.11. @19h
=== 2 ===
Verona, sabato 3 dicembre 2022
alle ore 16 presso la Chiesa di San Giorgio in Braida, Piazzetta San Giorgio
presentazione del libro di 
Rosa D'Amico
Un viaggio tra Oriente e Occidente
alla presenza dell'Autrice.
Introduzione della dott.ssa A.M. Spiazzi
Intermezzo e finale musicale con brani di musica sacra eseguiti dalla Nova Schola Cantorum e dal soprano Rosalina Bressan