[Un lungo articolo illustrato esemplifica il processo di distruzione dei monumenti antifascisti in Jugoslavia elencando 50 diversi casi. 
La distruzione delle memorie antifasciste ha accompagnato la distruzione del paese in cui esse furono edificate e curate, nella indifferenza o nel compiacimento delle classi dirigenti della Unione Europea le quali rimangono indifferenti e compiaciute per gli analoghi fenomeni sempre più frequenti in altri suoi paesi membri o candidati.
Il tesoro degli "spomenici" ("monumenti") della Jugoslavia socialista è bene investigato dall'autore del seguente articolo attraverso il suo sito internet "Spomenik database":
e sulle pagine social ad esso collegate (si vedano i collegamenti in fondo a questo post)]

50 Destroyed & Vanished Memorial Statues of Yugoslavia

by Donald Niebyl
Dec 27, 2020 (Updated: Jan 4, 2021)
As the dismantling of Yugoslavia began in the early 1990s and resulted in a series of bloody wars that lasted many years, an almost immediate process of WWII antifascist memorial removal and destruction began in many parts of that former country. Sources estimate that the number of Yugoslav-era monuments of this type destroyed reached into the many thousands, but total numbers are unknown. In Croatia alone, which suffered some of the worst bouts of monument destruction of the 1990s and 2000s, it is estimated that over 3,000 (or half of all its antifascist monuments) were either damaged or destroyed. While much attention in academic writing and the popular press is often paid to the most large-scale and artistically abstract Yugoslav-era works which were damaged or destroyed (such as those Petrova Gora, Kamenska, Makljen, etc, etc), the many hundreds of more artistically traditional and/or modest figurative sculptures which were destroyed and damaged across the Yugoslav landscape often get much less attention in contemporary writing and research (a matter true at times even for the Spomenik Database project). Therefore, I am dedicating this lengthy article to writing in detail about 50 of these notable statues and figurative works that were destroyed, lost, removed then disposed of or hidden away from public view in the years after Yugoslavia started being dismantled. Many of these now lost or vanished memorial works were created by some of the country's most significant sculptors and artists (including Sreten Stojanović, Stevan Bodnarov, Antun Augustinčić, among many other eminent luminaries of art), standing as seminal artistic achievements that were highly celebrated in their time. This article strives to highlight these works — many of which find their legacies marginalized in contemporary times — as such, I will examine their histories, their final fates, the former sites' present conditions and, in some cases, their futures. However, it is important to note that this list of 50 lost or vanished statues is NOT a full list of all such works... it is only the tip of the iceberg. This article should be considered only a limited overview of and guide to some of the most notable or conspicuous memorial statuary works of the Yugoslav-era that fall into this category. Many many more exist. If anyone reading this article has additional info on any of the sites mentioned here or has info on lost or vanished statues not included on this list, please contact me!

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