With the aim of spreading a critical view regarding the birth and activity of the “International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia” (ICTY), JUGOCOORD ONLUS [a no-profit organization for social benefit, based in Italy] grants two prizes for the year 2020-2021




“Giuseppe Torre” Award for Critical Studies about the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia




With the aim of spreading a critical view regarding the birth and activity of the “International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia” (ICTY), JUGOCOORD ONLUS [a no-profit organization for social benefit, based in Italy] grants two prizes for the year 2020-2021.


  1. Object

The prizes will be assigned for essays or scientific articles not to be published before the Call deadline, devoted to criticalanalysis of ICTY activity.

Papers, written in English or Italian, that do not exceed 50 editorial pages (90 thousand characters, spaces included) are eligible.

The submitted texts must offer a significant contribution to the study as well as to the popularization of the matter, while investigating the origin and acts of the ICTY.

In accordance with the intent of the prizes’ Donor,[1] the activity of ICTY shall be investigated as a primary tool in the context of the international turbulencewhich first brought an end to the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, and then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

The papers will pass a first scrutiny by the Jury, which will verify their interest under one or more of the following aspects:

-  legitimacy (of the institution itself);

- impartiality (in making allegations as well as imposing and executing convictions);

- contribution to peace among the conflicting parties on the territory of the former Federative Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia;

- protection of the rights of the accused (including: life, health, defense, rightful treatmentduring conviction);

- possible contradictions with the principles of sovereignty of the States, and self-determination of the (discriminated) Peoples, as it stands in international law.

Above all, submissions will be appreciated which, although scientifically in-depth and rigorous, are nevertheless suited to advancing the issue towards non-specialists through avoiding mere jurisprudential reviews and exaggerated technicalities.


  1. Prizes

Two prizes will be assigned, the first amounting to 7.000 euros and the second 3.000 euros (both tax net), to those papers which will be chosen by the unquestionable decision of the Jury as best and second best.

JUGOCOORD ONLUS will take care of regulating the tax and social issues applicable. 

The Jury may decide not to assign any prize to papers considered unworthy.


  1. Participation

Citizens of all countries, ages, and qualifications are eligible to apply.

Each work must be mailed with four full identical paper copies, to be sent not later than December 31, 2020 [NEW DEADLINE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC] (“Call deadline”) by registered post to:

JUGOCOORD ONLUS, C.P. 13114 (Uff. Roma 4), 00185 ROMA - ITALIA.

Together with the paper copies, the following items must also be sent in the same envelope labeled “Concorso Torre 2020”:

* Four copies (at least one of them with original signature, albeit not authenticated) of the Application for participation to the prize, containing the following information: name and surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, postal address, email address and phone number to be used for receiving any communications connected with the competition, passport or identity card specifications, legal residence, tax number or equivalent. 

The following must be also attached to the Application:

– a short text to explain the reason for participating in the competition and describing the projects ideas for future use of the paper itself; 

– a declaration stating the paper is unpublished; 

– the commitment that, in case of victory, JUGOCOORD ONLUS will be asked first, in case a publishing project for the paper is made, especially reserving to JUGOCOORD the rights of a possible Italian edition (rights, that the ONLUS will hand over without claim in case of a renouncement to publish);

– explicit confirmation that the sender read the present Call and accepted it fully;

– authorization to the processing of personal data for the purpose of the competition, as prescribed by the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

All received copies will NOT be sent back to the Authors, nor be transmitted to others, unless specific agreements were made directly between them and JUGOCOORD ONLUS. One of the received copies will be maintained in the Archive of JUGOCOORD ONLUS, the other will remain at the disposal of Jury members.

Applications will not be considered if sent beyond the Call Deadline or written in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this Article.


  1. Jury and Awards Ceremony

The Jury is formed by three experts on the topics dealing with the essays, who are not members of the ONLUS.

The Jury will proceed through unquestionable judgement to evaluate the submissions and assign the prizes taking into consideration, apart from what is contained in the Object of the Call: methodological rigor, relevance to the proposed theme, originality and possible impact to the aim of spreading a critical view on the institution and the activity of ICTY.

The awards will be made public starting April 30, 2021 [NEW DEADLINE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC] on the internet site www.cnj.it.

Each prize winner will be informed at one of the given addresses in the respective Application for Participation before May 15, 2021 [NEW DEALINE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC], and will be invited, with refund of travel expenses, to take part in the awards ceremony which will be held during the following weeks.

For further information about this Call please contact: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli..



[1]) It is the legacy of an antiwar activist Giuseppe Torre, who passed away and made it possible to award this tender. His analysis of the Yugoslav crisis of the end of the XX Century can be found in the article “La dissoluzione della Iugoslavia e l'attuale disastro umanitario (2006):

https://www.cnj.it/AMICIZIA/giuseppetorre.htm#gamadi2006 .