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Subject: EPF: Milosevic case and the struggle for peace and
against imperialist globalization
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 00:33:21 +0200
From: "Vladimir Krsljanin"

Declaration by the Athens Congress of the European Peace Forum

At the close of an academic colloquium about
the topic "The wars in the Balkans and the case of
Milosevic", the following declaration was passed:

In few weeks time, it will be a year ago that
the chairman of the Socialist Party of Serbia and
former president of Serbia and the Federal Republic
of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, was handed over to
the so-called International Tribunal for the
Prosecution of War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia.
The handing over, in fact a kidnapping staged by
secret services, as well as the present trial before
the tribunal in The Hague, are an event unprecedented
in the history of international relations and in
international law.

Facts speak for themselves:

1.It was at the time of the criminal NATO war of
aggression that Milosevic was charged with war
crimes. Aggressors were bringing charges
against the head of the attacked state, violent
criminals charged the victims of their
2.After the war, the aggressors used pressure and
blackmail to force the rulers of the attacked
state to arrest the president who had been
brought down with massive assistance of NATO,
and to extradite him, in violation of the
constitution of Yugoslavia and in disregard of
the ruling of the constitutional court.
3.Finally, the aggressors took the former
president of the attacked state to an
illegitimate court, a tribunal established,
staffed anf funded under the United Nations'
direction, in violation of their Charter.

That gross reversal of all legal and ethical
standards aims at whitewashing NATO, justifying a
posteriori its war of aggression against Yugoslavia
and, thus, enabling repetitions of such or similar
wars. It is the large-scale attempt to demonstrate to
the world that resistance against the global claim
for hegemony of the United States and NATO will not
be tolerated, and will be severely punished.

That is the essence of the trial against the former
Yugoslav president and his co-defendants, the essence
of the case of Milosevic.

In the court of The Hague, the case in point is
not an individual of whom one may think whatever one
deems right. It is rather a matter of untruth or
truth, of right or wrong. It is a matter of an
individual who, for numerous reasons, has become the
symbol of resistance against NATO's
conflict-fomenting policy of intervention into the
internal affairs of Yugoslavia and against the NATO
war. In the eyes of NATO, the war will be only be
won, and the dismemberment of Yugoslavia only
accomplished, if and when this symbol has been
brought into discredit.

If only for those reasons, the trial in The Hague
cannot leave partisans of peace and opponents of
imperialist globalization indifferent.

Those who rose up against the NATO war and the 78
days of terrorist bombings in Yugoslavia cannot
remain silent in view of this pseudo-legal sequel.

By now, the course of the trial in The Hague has
borne out the far-reaching political intentions of
its organizers, but they have not yet been able to
achieve their goals. The judges' obvious bias, the
prosecutors' paltriness and lack of evidence,
Slobodan Milosevic's initial speech, and the debacle
of the witnesses in the cross-examinations he carried
out, have made it more and more difficult for the
managers of the trial to achieve their aims.

The man accused by NATO has become the accuser of
NATO, and what was intended to become a show trial
has more and more become a secret trial. Being unable
to to break Slobodan Milosevic's morale, the
management of the trial is now attempting to weaken
him physically, to wreck his health and resistance by
unbearable prison and procedural conditions, by
bringing forth more and more new "witnesses", by
almost incessant proceedings. The arbitrariness of
this illegitimate court must be stopped.

Joining this international protest we claim:

* the immediate discontinuance of the trial against
Slobodan Milosevic and the other Yugoslav defendants,
and their prompt release;

* the dissolution of the criminal tribunal for the
former Yugoslavia, established in violation of the
United Nations Charter;

* the earliest possible ratification of the treaty of
Rome on the establishment of a standing global
criminal tribunal in accordance with international
law, by all states, in particular the United States,
as well as the incorporation of crimes against peace
and aggression into the court's scope of authority;

* the punishment of those responsible for the NATO
war of aggression against Yugoslavia;

* the payment of war reparations to the Yugoslav
state and of damages to the Yugoslav war victims.

Athens, May 19, 2002

NOTE: Annual Congress of the European Peace Forum has been
held in Athens last weekend, under slogan "FOR A EUROPEAN
POLICY BY THE USA & NATO" and with participation of more than
60 representatives of peace movements and progressive
organizations and associations from Austria, Belarus,
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece,
Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Sweden, Ukraine and
Yugoslavia. Besides the general Declaration, the Congress has
adopted the above one.

The European Peace Forum is founded on March 24, 2001 in
Berlin, on the second anniversary of NATO aggression against
Yugoslavia. Among the founders, together with representatives
of numerous European organizations were also German admiral
Elmar Schmaehling, great Ukrainian poet Boris Oliynik, Czech
publicist and humanist Dr Rajko Dolecek, Chairman of the
Italian "Nino Pasti" Foundation Paolo Pioppi, known Bulgarian
politician and human rights activist Professor Velko Volkanov
and other renown personalities - politicians, scientists,
lawyers, parliamentarians.


To join or help this struggle, visit: (official SPS website) (forum for the world
of equals) (the international committee to
defend Slobodan Milosevic) ('morning news' the only
Serbian newspaper advocating liberation)