Nazi- and NATO-„Justice“: how the images resemble


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Nazi- and NATO-„Justice“: how the images resemble

Speech by Klaus Hartmann, Vice-Chairman of ICDSM,

on November 8, 2003 on the Plein in Den Haag (English translation)
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Friends and Citizens!

We are demonstrating here today for the second time this year demanding
the dissolution of the Hague “Tribunal“ on Yugoslavia. We are
demonstrating for the immediate release of Slobodan Milosevic. We are
demonstrating for the release of all political prisoners of NATO! We
are not demanding that criminals be released. On the contrary, we are
demanding the conviction and imprisonment of war criminals, the war
criminals who destroyed Yugoslavia:

•          The leaders of the NATO-states belong behind bars!

•          The release and reparations for their victims!

We are not protesting against the fact that the government of the
Netherlands and The Hague are accommodating international courts of the
United Nations. To host the International Court of Justice and the
International Criminal Court honors this city and this country. But the
good reputation is damaged through this so-called ad-hoc-Tribunal on
Yugoslavia. This is not an institution of law, but an instrument of
political blackmail. It serves the United States and other NATO states
as an instrument for their continued aggression against the peoples of
the Balkans. With the so-called “tribunal” this city is left holding
the illegitimate baby of Madeleine Albright, who is called “the mother
of the tribunal”.

This so-called „tribunal“ is illegal: it was founded by an unauthorized
body on a non-exiting legal basis. It is illegally financed and it is
the symbol of a permanent breach of international law. This is
illegality from one end to the other; it is an illegality that cannot
be redeemed. And it will lead nowhere. This is why we demand:

•          The immediate dissolution of this „tribunal“

•          The annulment of all its so called sentences

•          The release of and compensation for those illegally

Our protest is taking place at a time, when all over the world
antifascists are commemorating the Day of Remembrance and Admonition. 

The night of November 9 is such an occasion, because in 1938, 65 years
ago, the racist, anti-Jewish campaign that had been in process over the
years became an orgy of violence in the nationwide pogrom known by the
Nazis as the “Reichskristallnacht”. The Nazis held their Jewish victims
responsible, demanding that they pay for the violence and destruction!
This is similar to the recent developments in the Balkans.

The fascists coined the image of „Slavic sub humans“ and the western
media did not hesitate to draw on this image in their
anti-Serb-hate-campaigns in the early 1990s. This campaign was racist
and escalated into a violent orgy: the NATO-aggression against
Yugoslavia in 1999.

The history books of the aggressors propagate the image of Serbs being
the aggressors, for example against the Croats. Long before
international attention was drawn to the war already in progress, the
Croat separatists had imitated a “Kristallnacht”. During the Dalmatian
Kristallnacht on Mai 2, 1991, Croats, while chanting their WW II
fascist Ustacha-songs and waving their checkerboard flags with the
Croatian swastikas, hunted down and slaughtered Serbs. Who knows about
this Kristallnacht here in the West, with its brainwashing mass media?
Of course, this crime plays no role in DelPonte’s circus.

From September to December 1933, exactly 70 years ago, the so called
Reichstag Fire trial was taking place in Leipzig with Georgi Dimitrov
and his Comrades Blagoj Popov and Vassil Tanev as the defendants. The
German fascists attempted to use this farce in the Leipzig Reich's
Court to criminalize all their opponents, to win legitimacy for and
consolidate their dictatorship. The German fascists themselves had set
the Reichstag on fire in order to accuse the communists of arson. How
the images resemble! NATO broke up Yugoslavia, but accuses those who
defended it, of destruction.

How the images resemble: in Leipzig the arsonists presumed to set in
judgment over the victims of fascist terror. In The Hague, the
NATO-aggressors presume to set in judgment over the victims of their

How the images resemble: in Leipzig the German Reich's Court tried to
refuse Georgi Dimitrov the right to speak, allowing him to only answer
questions. In The Hague, Judge May attempts to declare the embarrassing
questions posed by Slobodan Milosevic “irrelevant,” at times even
cutting off his microphone.

How the images resemble: the fascists tried to completely isolate
Georgi Dimitrov in prison, to cut him off from all contacts with the
outside, especially contacts with his comrades. The Hague “tribunal” is
trying not only to refuse Slobodan Milosevic visits from his family but
also from his comrades.

How the images resemble: the Nazis had planned the trial in Leipzig as
an exemplary show trial to promote their dictatorship. They installed a
special post office adjacent to the courthouse; the trial was
transmitted live from the courtroom…. But, just as in The Hague, this
functioned only at the beginning of the trial.

How the images resemble: 70 years ago today, on November 8, 1933, the
Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, took the stand in the
“trial” against Georgi Dimitrov. He suffered a total defeat. The chiefs
of propaganda, Rudolf Scharping, Tony Blair, Madeleine Albright and
Jamie Shea are afraid, still today, to take the witness stand against
Slobodan Milosevic. The third rank – Holbrooke, Petritch, Ashdown and
Mesic are allowed to portray miniature Goebbels - also without success.

How the images resemble: In Leipzig the Nazis called on police spies,
criminals and agents to witness against Georgi Dimitrov. In The Hague,
UCK-terrorists, CIA-agent William Walker and NATO-General Naumann took
the stand.

How the images resemble: The German fascists brought antifascists,
incarcerated in prisons and concentration camps, before the court in
Leipzig – promising them liberty, if they gave false testimony against
Georgi Dimitrov. The same pattern in The Hague: by offering “deals”,
the court is pushing other defendants to give false testimony. The
court’s collaborators in Belgrade promised not only to release Rade
Markovic, but to also furnish him with a new identity and wealth. But
because of Rade Markovic' steadfastness, he was immediately returned to
prison in Belgrade.

How the images resemble: The Leipzig court was surprised and horrified,
when Georgi Dimitrov succeeded in politicizing the trial. Today Del
Ponte, Nice and May and their subservient media are terrified that
Slobodan Milosevic contradicts the falsified and racist media
manipulation with historical facts in their proper contexts.

How the images resemble: Georgi Dimitrov thwarted the fascists’ plans
for an anti-communist show trial by turning the trial into an
indictment of fascism. Slobodan Milosevic is thwarting the plans of his
NATO accusers by putting them in the dock and even the tribunal's
sympathizing media is dumbfounded and has had to admit this.

How the images resemble: Georgi Dimitrov exposed that the arson in the
Reichstag and the trial were two parts of the same fascist provocation,
and sarcastically referred to those behind the scenes doing stage
management of both the arson and the indictment as the “Holy Ghost”.
Today Slobodan Milosevic is showing, that the aggressors and indicters
come from the same stable and that this tribunal is part of NATO’s
arsenal for enslaving peoples.

How the images resemble: In the early 90s, the United States and their
accomplices put the “New World Order” on their agenda. Who remembers,
who knows that 60 years earlier there was talk of the Nuovo Ordine
Europeo, - The "New Order of Europe" was on the agenda of the fascist
axis powers!

Many images are similar, but some differ: in 1933, the fascists made no
secret of their objectives: they wanted to finish off with communism
and install their limitless dictatorship. Today the aggressors complain
of violations of human rights and war crimes, to cover up their
crusades of subjugation. Hypocrisy is triumphant. They rarely let the
cat out of the bag:

The coup against Milosevic in October 2000, though originally
colporteured in NATO capitals as a victory over “Serbian nationalism”,
it very soon became billed as the victory over the “last communist
state in Europe”.

When Alija Izetbegovic was buried a few weeks ago, those holding
obituary speeches at the graveside regretted that he had not been able
to accomplish “the most important goal in his life”: “the political
supremacy of the Muslims in Bosnia”! Not a word about the
multi-cultural idyll, he was rumored to have promoted during the war.

Imagine, a corner of the truth is exposed – and even though it exposes
the lie of a so-called “Serb aggression” – it goes practically

How will the show in the Del Ponte circus continue?

Professor Paul de Waart, the well known Dutch expert in international
law, recently stated on the Netherlands' television, that the trial
against Milosevic should have been suspended a month after it had
started on the grounds of lack of evidence. The fact that this did not
happen speaks volumes and proves that we are not dealing with a court
but with political agents of NATO.

The half-time of Slobodan Milosevic's defense will follow the half-time
of the „prosecution“. The “prosecution” had up to 8 years to prepare
its case. Slobodan Milosevic asked for two years for his preparation –
two years in liberty, with access to archives, witnesses and means of
communication. The “court's” answer is known: Milosevic has 3 months –
in his prison cell. This, in reality, will mean only 6 weeks, at which
time he is supposed to submit the complete list of defense witnesses
and the main themes of their testimony. Equal protection before the law
is a basic, internationally recognized principle. But this “tribunal”
doesn’t care about internationally recognized principles. Here is a
man, denied his rights, having to face alone this enormous apparatus,
the NATO hemisphere. It simply shows, that this “court” has nothing to
do with law. It tramples on the principles of rule of law.

We are proud that the founder of our international Committee is the
president of the anti-fascists of Bulgaria, the land of Georgi
Dimitrov. Prof. Velko Valkanov was right in his assessment: “It is not
at all surprising that the judges have granted Milosevic so little time
to prepare his defense. These are not really judges. If the tribunal is
not a legitimate court, how can these people be true judges? They have
a political mission to accomplish. They are the executive organs of
political vengeance – a vengeance carried out against all those who
dared to contradict the rulers of the world. The "judges" in The Hague
are really accomplices to NATO’s crimes. Their behavior at the tribunal
is evidence of their anti-juridical nature.”

How the tribunal deals with the health problems of its victims speaks
also volumes and makes a mockery of UN conventions. Subsequent to a
Dutch cardiologist's diagnosis that Slobodan Milosevic has such high
blood pressure that he is in danger of organic defects, heart attack,
brain stroke and death, Del Ponte sneered in the Neue Züricher Zeitung
on July 18, 2003 that “he is in very good health. Many people 60 years
old and older have high blood pressure.” One could not expect more
sensitivity from this creature, but she added: “We don’t spare him. – I
hope you do not get this impression!” What should one call this – an
attempt at judicial murder? What an abyss of cynicism, of pure contempt
for humanity! It is for just this depth of cynicism that made fascist
torturers infamous.

In my speech, June 28, at the Vidovdan, in front of the former
Nazi-prison in Scheveningen – now serving as NATO-prison, I said: “They
will not get away with it! Slaveholders were never victorious in

We are demonstrating today under the motto: „We will not allow NATO to
write our history!”

The NATO-powers need the revenge “justice” of Del Ponte's circus in
order to establish their version of history, their interpretation of
reality, as the only and eternal truth. They will not succeed, just as
German fascists did not succeed in building their "1000 year Reich",
which ended in 12 years.

In 1933, communists and anti-fascists wrote the „Brown Book on the
Reichstag Arson and the Terror of Hitler”. It is an excellent document
of international anti-fascist solidarity. It was the central and
strongest weapon against fascist lies. It was history written by the
masses, the real history helping the population to learn the truth
about fascist barbarism. Letus continue this tradition of antifascism
and internationalism: let us use this example and write the black book
on the destruction of Yugoslavia and NATO-terror. Let us contribute to
the exposure of the truth about NATO’s shady characters behind the
tribunal. Let us propagate the truth about the just struggle of the
Serbian people, about their heroic resistance against NATO-aggression –
as an incentive for the necessary resistance to the "new world order".

In the article "Let’s distribute Original-Ton of Slobodan Milosevic",
SLOBODA made a classical formulation: Slobodan Milosevic will help us
in our struggle, if we help him now! Let us make known, what Slobodan
Milosevic is saying in courtroom. He is a feared weapon against
imperialism, as is shown through May’s behavior in the “tribunal” and
the silence of the media. Our struggle for the release of Slobodan
Milosevic stands in the tradition of the struggle against fascism and

The central lesson, the oath given after the liberation from fascist
barbarism ended with the following promise: “Never again fascism, never
again war!” This promise was broken on March 24, 1999. Never again
fascism, never again war! This is and will remain our commitment. This
connects us to the anti- fascists, the anti-militarists of all

Anti-fascism is not simply a commemoration of the past. Anti-fascism is
not looking towards the past. Anti-fascism still means, what Georgi
Dimitrov said at the time: the struggle against the most aggressive
forces of international finance capital and its world hegemonic designs.

By defending those resisting the new hegemonic forces, we honor the
memory of Georgi Dimitrov.

We repeat the promise we gave on June 28. We will come again!

Freedom for Slobodan! Liberty for Yugoslavia!

Freedom and Equality for all peoples!

Never again fascism, never again war!


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