With great pain we learned of the death of Aldo Bernardini, which occurred last night


Bernardini has been a respected professor of International Law, former Rector of the Chieti University, great expert of the Yugoslav crisis and especially of its implications from the point of view of the rules which regulate – better say: should have regulated – relations among States. From the height of his academic competence as well as a plainspoken marxist-leninist activist, he immediately took a stand against the secessionist drift (1) which would have led to the huge contemporary tragedy of Yugoslavia. With years passing, he intervened on this issue through essays, articles (2) and correspondences, (3) stigmatizing the nefarious role played by the great powers, which according to his analysis were guilty of "crimes against peace" as defined in the Statute of the Nuremberg Tribunal. In more recent years, Bernardini dealt with the Hague "ad hoc" Tribunal and the scandalous travesty-trial filed against the latest Yugoslav president Slobodan Milošević, whom he got to know personally, to interview and to defend in the context of the activities of the spontaneously formed International Committee – ICDSM (4). After Milošević' assassination in the Hague's gaol (March 11, 2006), Bernardini intervened with a very harsh accusation against the media. (5)

Aldo Bernardini has been a member of the Scientific-Artistic Board of our association since its establishment and a member of the Jury in the first edition of the "Giuseppe Torre" Competition. (6)
We express our closeness to Ingrid and to the comrades of the Communist Party in which Aldo has played in recent years.
Aldo, we won't forget of you nor what you taught us!
(By the Secretary of the Italian Coordination for Yugoslavia, April 7, 2020)
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(3) The documents are mostly collected in the volume: LA JUGOSLAVIA ASSASSINATA. Università degli Studi di Teramo / Napoli: Editoriale Scientifica, 2005
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(5) https://www.cnj.it/home/it/informazione/jugoinfo/4851-4883-icdsm-italia-a-bernardini-vigliacchi-gran-vigliacchi.html – the text will be included, together with further texts by Bernardini, in the II edition of the book "In difesa della Jugoslavia", in preparation by Jugocoord for Zambon publishing house.